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Sesame Street eats

50 recipes from the neighborhood

A taste for victory

"Hank Watson loves playing basketball and helping his team win big games. But he has another passion too--cooking! When Hank has an opportunity to meet celebrity chef Brenton Spooner, he jumps at the chance. But while practicing a difficult dish, he accidentally burns his hand. The injury affects his performance both on the court and in the kitchen"--Back cover.

Monster blood is back

"Sascha Nelson and her best friend, Nicole Hilliard, love to cook! So when their favorite TV show Kids' Big Chef Food Fights comes to their school for a special competition, they're ecstatic! But school cheaters Ashli and Nathan are also in the show. When Sascha and Nicole buy a mysterious can called Monster Blood is Back, they think they've found the perfect ingredient. Unfortunately, the trouble with Monster Blood always seems to grow and grow. Can they get the slime under control, or will it swallow up the competition?"--Provided by publisher.

Kids can cook

fun and yummy recipes for budding chefs
A cookbook for kids with step-by-step instructions and basic cooking skills.

Kid in the kitchen

100 recipes and tips for young home cooks
"The New York Times Food columnist and . . . home cooking authority, Melissa Clark, spins [one hundred] all-new recipes for a . . . new audience of home chefs: kids ages 8-14"--Provided by publisher.

The vegetarian cookbook

more than 50 recipes for young cooks
Presents over 50 vegetarian recipes for young readers, including Chinese rolls, swiss oatmeal, calzones, and many more.

The Bob Ross cookbook

happy little recipes for family & friends
"Comfort food recipes inspired by the art of Bob Ross"-- Provided by publisher.

A grandfather's lessons

in the kitchen with Shorey
Cooking teacher Jacques P?pin offers a variety of recipes as well as lessons on cooking, kitchen etiquette, and other related topics.

The healthy junior chef cookbook

Collects more than seventy healthy recipes.

Who knew? 10,001 household solutions

money-saving tips, DIY cleaners, kitchen secrets, and other easy answers to everyday problems
"Whether you're cleaning house, cooking a meal, improving your appearance, or fighting a cold, this . . . guide will help you with natural and simple solutions to your daily tasks requiring only basic--and inexpensive--items with multiple uses that you should . . . keep on hand in your home. Vinegar, baking soda, lemons, duct tape, and beer are just a few of the all-purpose tools you need to eliminate odors, keep your food fresher longer, get rid of pests, increase storage space, de-stress, give yourself a spa treatment, and so much more. With easy-to-follow instructions, you'll discover . . . creative ways to give your home--and yourself--a makeover while saving time and money"


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