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Japanese culture and cooking

Japanese food often looks beautiful and seems complicated to prepare, but readers are able to create their own versions of popular Japanese foods with the help of age-appropriate recipes broken into simple steps. Measuring guides help readers with their math skills, and tips are included to help them learn to be safe in the kitchen. As readers explore the delicious dishes they can make for family and friends, they also discover the special connection between Japanese cooking and culture. The main text, fact boxes, and colorful photographs highlight how food plays a part in Japanese festivals, celebrations, and everyday life.

Italian culture and cooking

Italian food is popular all over the world. Readers are able to try making their own versions of famous Italian dishes--from savory sauces to delicious desserts--with the help of this unique guide to Italian cooking. Clear, concise steps break down each recipe into manageable components, and helpful tips and safety information are also included for readers at a variety of levels of culinary competency. In addition, readers are given a comprehensive look at the connection between Italian cooking and culture through informative main text, fact boxes, vivid photographs, and maps.

Indian culture and cooking

Readers explore the cultures of India through its food in this creative collection of accessible recipes. From spice blends and curries to sweet treats, each recipe is broken down into simple, clear steps that often feature photographs to help readers visualize the cooking process. However, readers learn far more than just how to make traditional Indian dishes. They discover the importance of food as part of Indian daily life and special celebrations. This insightful cultural context is presented through main text and fact boxes that are paired with colorful photographs and helpful maps.

Eli over easy

"The last few months have been pretty tough for Eli. He moved to New York City and left his small town in Minnesota with his extended family and everyone he knows. He hasn't made any new friends. And his mom died unexpectedly, shattering his whole world. He misses Mom more and more every day, but Dad refuses to talk about her, leaving Eli alone in his grief. Then Eli finds a stash of instructional cooking videos his mom made, revealing her dream of being a celebrity chef. With the help of the cute new neighbor boy, Mathias, Eli decides to follow his mother's recipes using her videos. If he can re-create his mom's special dishes, then maybe a part of her can stay with him forever. But what happens when the videos run out?"--Provided by publisher.

Miserable Stew

Arlo is having a bad day: he stubs his toe, makes a mess in the General's store, and his cozy stew gets burnt--but his friends know just what to do to make him feel better.

A Peppy Drink

Alice is tired from painting her house, and Arlo offers to make her a drink to pep her up, but he takes so long deciding what to make that something more than just a drink is required to get the job done.

Happy Pudding

After a long storm Arlo invites his friends over to his house for a meal and makes his happy pudding to cheer them all up.

Today's Special

Arlo and his friends are cleaning up the garden after a storm, trying to find something delicious to fix for breakfast.

The ChopChop family cookbook

real food to cook and eat together
"This colorful, easy-to-follow, beginner cookbook from ChopChop Family magazine features more than 250 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, specially designed to appeal to both adults and kids in budget- and time-strapped families"--Provided by publisher.

Kid kitchen

Provides recipes for young chefs to make by themselves or with minimal parental supervision, including such dishes as three-cheese lagasna, chocolate chip waffles, chicken Caesar salad kebabs, and fiesta breakfast quesadillas.


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