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Holy squawkamole!

Little Red Hen makes guacamole
"Yum guacamole! That's what Little Red Hen craves, and she could use some help gathering and mashing the ingredients. So she asks Armadillo, Iguana, Coati, and Snake to lend a hand, but they all refuse. Of course, after Little Red Hen works hard to make the scrumptious fresh guac, all the animals want a taste. She gives her friends what they asked for, but with a spicy surprise they'll never forget!"--Provided by publisher.

Cool cooking up chili

beyond the basics for kids who cook
A guide for kids who already know basic cooking skills for preparing a variety of chili recipes.

Cool Midwestern cooking

easy and fun regional recipes
Simple text and photographs present recipes from the midwestern region of the United States.

Betty Crocker diabetes cookbook

great-tasting, easy recipes for every day
Features medical advice, nutrition information, and one hundred-forty recipes for breakfasts, snacks, main dishes, desserts and vegetarian and gluten-free meals.

Diversi?n con manzanas en oto?o

Simple text and illustrations highlight apple picking in the fall season. Shows how apples go from seed to fruit and how they are harvested. Includes critical thinking questions and a glossary.

Yasmin the chef

Yasmin's family is hosting a big party, but Yasmin worries that her family's traditional food is too spicy--so her family challenges Yasmin to come up with a dish of her own.

Little kitchen of horrors

hideously delicious recipes that disgust and delight
A cookbook that provides step-by-step instructions for cooking Halloween themed dishes, including crushed bones, spider eggs, booger sticks, and more.

Kids cook

global recipes for meals, sweets and snacks
"Step-by-step photos guide beginning chefs to make international snacks, meals and treats"--OCLC.

Super simple no-bake cookies

easy cookie recipes for kids!
Presents easy no-bake cookie recipes and discusses food, measuring, and following directions.

The kitchen

"This newly revised edition describes how the kitchen was the center of family activity in the old days. Here families ate their meals, played games, and told stories with only the fireplace and a few candles for warmth and light. In The Kitchen, young readers will take a close look at the early fireplace and the tools and utensils surrounding it. Domestic chores carried out in the kitchen are described including : baking bread, making butter, preserving food and washing clothes"--Provided by publisher.


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